The Donn Ansell Scholarship in Theatre Arts is administered annually by Thalian Association Community Theatre (TACT). The scholarship will be awarded each year to a young person entering college and who majors in any of the following programs at a major state supported or private institution for higher learning: theater, cinema, or journalism. Applicants must have been active with Thalian Association Community Theatre and/or the Youth Theatre as performers, designers, or technicians. Performers are encouraged to have worked in a backstage capacity as well.

Applications for the scholarship are available August 1st to rising seniors who will graduate from high school the following year. The deadline for applications is March 1st of the year of graduation. Applications must be accompanied by letters of recommendation from applicants’ high school music, dance, drama and/or technical theater teachers, if their respective school offers such programs; their guidance counselor; and two directors with whom the applicant has worked. Said directors should attest to the applicant’s responsibility, work ethic, talents, dedication, and potential. Applicants must submit school report cards from the previous two years (10th and 11th grades) and a 500 word essay about the impact of theatre arts and the importance of mentors like Donn Ansell. Early application is encouraged so that the selection panel may familiarize themselves with the applicants over time. Applicants shall keep TACT appraised of their theatrical endeavors after the date of their application so that TACT may have the opportunity to see their work.

Applicants must have accepted placement in a college, university, or training program by May 2023.

The scholarship winner will be announced in June 2023 at the Thalian Association  Community Theatre Annual Meeting at the Hannah Block Historic USO/Community Arts Center and the presentation ceremony will be during the Thalian Awards in July 2023. There shall be no stipulation as to how the scholarship is used.

TACT reserves the right to withhold the scholarship if, in the panel’s opinion, no deserving applicant is recognized. The amount of the scholarship shall be determined annually by Thalian Association Community Theatre.


Submit form and all required documents by March 1st

Name ________________________________ E-mail___________________________

Address __________________________________________________ Zip _________

Home Phone _______________ Work_________________ Mobile ________________

Parents’ Names _______________________________________________

Parents’ Address(es) if different than yours ____________________________________ High School from which you will graduate in 2021 _____________________________

Name of Drama Teacher if applicable ________________________________________

Name of Music Teacher if applicable ________________________________________

Name of Dance Teacher if applicable ________________________________________

Name of Technical Theater Teacher if applicable _______________________________

Please attach the following to this application:

  • Your resume detailing all theatrical training and/or experience you may have.
  • A cover letter expressing your post-high school educational and career goals. ◦ Please indicate any schools to which you have applied or plan to apply.
  • Letters of reference from two directors with whom you have worked.
  • Letter of reference from your high school guidance counselor.
  • Letters of reference from your drama, music, technical theater and/or dance teacher(s).
  • Copies of your high school report cards from the previous two years, 10th and 11th grade
  • Applicants are also asked to submit a 500 word essay about the impact of theatre arts and the importance of mentors like Donn Ansell

Submit application online or mail to:

Susan Habas

Thalian Association Community Theatre

Donn Ansell Scholarship

120 S. 2nd Street

Wilmington, NC 28401