WILMINGTON, NC- Thalian Association Community Theatre will hold auditions for the thriller, Sleuth, March 14 and 15 at 7 pm. Auditions will be held at the Community Arts Center, 120 S. 2nd Street in downtown Wilmington. The production, directed by Beth Swindell, runs May 13 through May 29 at the Bucky Stein Theatre in Thalian Hall.

**Please be prepared to read from a provided script. All participants should arrive early enough to have their audition form filled out by 7:00 pm. Please call 910-251-1788 to reserve a spot. **


The ultimate game of cat and mouse is played out in a cozy English country house owned by celebrated mystery writer, Andrew Wyke. Invited guest Milo Tindle, a young rival who shares Wyke’s love for games, declares their intention to run off with Wyke’s wife. The two devise an elaborate revenge/power game; through their style and cunning, the stakes continue to rise, leading to the play’s inexorable, heart-stopping finish.

Available roles:

ANDREW WYKE- (Male, late 50’s- late 60’s) a successful mystery writer. He tries to maintain the appearance of youth, through hair dye, and virility, through references to a mistress, but he is unable to truly fool Milo. Andrew is obsessed with games and toys.

MILO TINDLE (Any gender, 30’s) also plays the roles for characters Inspector Doppler, Police Constable Higgs, and Detective Sergeant Tarrant. They come into Andrew Wyke’s life because they are having an affair with Wyke’s wife, Marguerite. At about thirty-five years old, Milo, who is younger than Wyke, is carried away by the romance of the affair. They and Marguerite want to marry and live their life in idyllic happiness in his rooms above their travel agency.