Thalian Association is a non-profit, membership organization that’s dedicated to enhancing the rich artistic environment of the Cape Fear region.

Tracing its roots back to 1788, Thalian Association- the Official Community Theater of North Carolina exists to enrich the lives of the residents of the Wilmington area by producing quality community theater, teaching youth life skills through theater education and providing an outlet for artists and technicians to develop and exercise their craft.

When the North Carolina legislature named the Thalian Association the State Community Theater of North Carolina in 2007 Secretary of State Elaine Marshall emphasized that our organization’s prestigious title was not a distinction given lightly.

“This is truly unique,” Marshall said. “But what this really does is honor a tradition of inspiring people, helping children, healing a community, all the things that the performing arts and an association to support that can mean.”

In 2013 as we celebrate our 225th anniversary we are more committed than ever to that mission and our community. Revenue from ticket sales alone funds only a portion of our operating costs. Thalian Association depends on the generosity of donors like you to bridge that crucial gap. Please consider making a donation today…the difference begins with you.