New! Hollywood Bound

TACT Academy is rolling out the red carpet! This class is inspired by all our favorite movies and celebrities with skits, scenes, and screen musicals that will help develop character acting and confidence. By th eened of the semester your student might just be nominated for an Oscar!

Colorful Characters

Have you ever been told your young one is “quite the character”? If so, this storybook drama class might be just the right fit for you. This class will let your child explore, examine, and create characters both silly and serious. Through creative drama techniques and play we will take a deeper look into some favorite characters from well-known and beloved children’s stories. This is a great introductory class for curious kids with large personalities. Students do not need to be readers to enjoy this class.

Triple Threat

This class will allow students to take the next step in building acting, singing, and dance technique. We will focus on how to better approach material, sharpen audition & performance skills, understand direction and adjustments, make strong choices, relax, and have confidence. This class is designed to help unlock imagination and overcome inhibitions.

Broadway Mania!

This class will introduce students to the world of musical theatre. Learn singing, dancing, and acting techniques with a spotlight on musical comedy and comedic timing. Perfect for young performers who like to make people laugh and make believe!

Creative Drama

Creative Drama classes provide acting training for our young artists with focus on storytelling, character development, movement, and confidence in a low-stress, high-fun environment! Students learn the basics of acting while creating characters and bringing them to life. These classes promote self-confidence, active listening, and teamwork.


Where imagination & creativity take center stage! This program is a great introductory music & expression experience that allows children to explore and develop music skills. New activities in each class allow children to gain confidence whole having loads of fun!

Star Power!

You know the ones – always singing, dancing, and making people laugh! This is a fabulous performance, dancing, and singing experience that allows children to expand their creative ambitions, be confident, and learn new skills. Always an Academy favorite!

Adventures in Acting

Learn the exciting world of acting by participating in theatre games & activities designed to develop their confidence and creativity. They will learn to express themselves by using their mind, voice, and body. They will engage in activities such as stage movement, improvisation, & character development. The class will culminate in a presentation at the TACT Academy Showcase.

Disney Mash-Up

A fun introduction to performing onstage; singing, dancing, acting, and stage presence. Students will work with their favorite Disney songs and characters to learn the fundamentals of performance technique with a final showcase for friends and family.

Fundamentals of Acting Stage and Screen

Get ready for your close-up kids!! This class will be introduced to concepts and activities that support confidence with stage acting and being on camera! Through situational improvisations, the monologue audition process, and being comfortable on front of the camera as well as being on stage, the class will learn to approach each acting situation with certainty and creativity. This class will work as a group as well as individually.

Musical Comedy & Characters!

Learn musically & physically the fundamentals of musical comedy, comedic timing, emotional responses of people & character behaviors.  Perfect for those who like to make people laugh & pretend to be different characters with over-the-top style.  Most movies & musicals have very few leading roles, however comedic character actors have endless opportunities!  

Gotta’ Sing Gotta’ Dance

Do you have a budding Broadway star wo just loves to sing and dance around the house?  This is an amazing skills building class that focuses on song and dance for musical theatre. Learn the foundation of musical theatre with Broadway songs and Broadway dance routines. Register early – this class will fill up fast!