Pat Hingle Scholarship

PAT HINGLE SCHOLARSHIP IN THEATRE ARTS Pat Hingle was a renowned actor of stage and screen who once called Wilmington home. Mr. Hingle is best known to a generation of movie fans as Commissioner James Gordon in the first four “Batman” films. The Pat Hingle in Theatre Arts is administered annually by Thalian Association Community Theatre (TACT). The scholarship will be awarded each year to a young person entering college who has proven to be a serious student of the theatre with plans to further their theatrical education after graduation.  Applicants must have been active with Thalian Association Community Theatre and/or the Youth Theatre as performers, designers, or technicians. Performers are encouraged to have worked in a backstage capacity as well. Applications for the scholarship are available August 1 to rising seniors who will graduate from high school the following year. The deadline for applications is March 1st of the year of graduation. Applications must be accompanied by letters of recommendation from applicants’ high school music, dance, drama and/or technical theater teachers, if their respective school offers such programs; their guidance counselor; and two directors with whom the applicant has worked. The directors should attest to the applicant’s responsibility, work ethic, talents, dedication and potential. Applicants must submit school report cards from the previous two years (10th and 11th grades). Early application is encouraged so that the selection panel may familiarize themselves with the applicants over time. Applicants shall keep TACT appraised of their theatrical endeavors subsequent to the date of their application so that TACT may have the opportunity to see their work. Applicants must have accepted placement in a college, university or training program by May 2021. The scholarship winner will be announced in June 2021 at the Thalian Association Community Theatre Annual Meeting at the Hannah Block Historic USO/Community Arts Center. There shall be no stipulation as to how the scholarship is used. TACT reserves the right to withhold the scholarship if, in the panel’s opinion, no deserving applicant is recognized. The scholarship for 2021 will be $500.00. Download/Print Pat Hingle scholarship

The Donn Ansell Memorial Scholarship

Donn Ansell photo at Byline

Donn Ansell was a prominent member of the overall theatrical family of Wilmington. Having attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City as well as graduating college at Princeton University. Mr. Ansell began working for CBS in 1961 as an office page; a job that would see him promoted in years to come as “clap-man” for “The Ed Sullivan Show.” With an obsessive work ethic and drive as well as attention to detail Mr. Ansell became executive producer of such well known television shows as “Captain Kangaroo”, “Secret Storm”, and “Candid Camera” as well as appearing in a number of off-Broadway plays; “Nerve endings” being the most well-known of these plays. Having started semi-retirement in Wilmington, Mr. Ansell became known to all theatergoers when he was first cast in the musical 1776. From there he would perform, produce or direct a string of successful plays and musicals in the Wilmington area as well as becoming a major part of “Curtain Call”, Wilmington’s first touring Theater Company. As the first Managing Director of the Thalian Association, Mr. Ansell would help solidify Thalian Association as a viable and successful theater force. Retiring from theater in 1983, Mr. Ansell would begin a successful career in radio with the ground breaking “Talk of the Town” broadcast on WAAV. However, Mr. Ansell’s retirement from theater would be short lived and he would soon reemerge in the early 1990’s starring in a string of successful theatrical productions; having played Ebenezer Scrooge in Wilmington’s landmark production of Frank Trimble’s “Ebenezer” as well as Willy Loman in “Death of a Salesman”, to name a few. It was then that Mr. Ansell’s passion to champion and save the Community Arts Center of Wilmington from imminent destruction began and the Community Arts Center Accord was founded. After ten long years, the mission of the Community Arts Accord with the help of Mr. Ansell and many others would be accomplished when the Community Arts Center was preserved for the residents of Wilmington and renamed The Hannah Block Historic USO/Community Arts Center. Donn Ansell’s never-ending love for his community does not stop with The Thalian Association or The Community Arts Center. Mr. Ansell’s love for Thalian Hall was boundless and he proudly sat on the board of trustees for many years. Therefore, in memory of Donn Ansell, his achievements in local theater as well as his achievements in radio and television media and his overall passion for Wilmington, Thalian Association Community Theatre will present a yearly scholarship to a deserving, college bound student who plans to major in theater, film, or journalism. For more information about the scholarship fund or to make a contribution please call Susan Habas. About the Scholarship DONN ANSELL SCHOLARSHIP IN THEATRE ARTSThe Donn Ansell Scholarship in Theatre Arts is administered annually by Thalian Association Community Theatre (TACT). The scholarship will be awarded each year to a young person entering college and who majors in any of the following programs at a major state supported or private … » Continue Reading

New & Noteworthy

Thalian Association Community Theatre

North Carolina’s Official Community Theater In 2007, the North Carolina legislature named the Thalian Association Community Threatre the Offical Community Theater of North Carolina. In an official ceremony held in Wilmington, Secretary of State Elaine Marshall emphasized that our organization’s prestigeous title was not a distinction given lightly.“This is truly unique,” Marshall said. “But what this really does is honor a tradition of inspiring people, helping children, healing a community, all the things that the performing arts and an association to support that can mean.”   If you are having problems using this site, please try using a different browser if you have one available, while we perform maintenance that will help make your browsing experience more productive.  Meanwhile, if you are interested in purchasing Red Barn tickets, please contact us during business hours at 910-251-1788. Tickets for our productions at the Thalian Hall can be purchased through he Thalian Hall box office at 910-632-2285.  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:Susan HabasThalian Association Community Theatre910-251-1788 THALIAN ASSOCIATION COMMUNITY THEATRE ANNOUNCES RECIPIENTS OF THE 2015 DONN ANSELL AND PAT HINGLE SCHOLARSHIPS WILMINGTON, NC – Thalian Association Community Theatre, North Carolina’s oldest community theatre, is proud to announce that Zachary Hutchinson is the recipient of the $2600 Donn Ansell Scholarship and Helena Boldizar will receive the $500 Pat Hingle Scholarship. The two scholarships are administered annually by Thalian Association Community Theatre and awarded to a deserving high school senior who has proven to be a serious student of the theatre with plans to further their theatrical education following graduation. Applicants must have been active with the community theatre association as performers, actors or technicians. Read more….               Helena Boldizar Recipient of Pat Hingle Scholarship             Zachary Hutchinson Recipient of Donn Ansell Scholarship        THE THALIAN ASSOCIATION ANNOUNCES NEW NAME & UNVEILS REDESIGNED LOGO WILMINGTON, NC – The Thalian Association, North Carolina’s oldest community theatre, today announced a new name complete with an updated logo design that will more accurately represent the 227 year old association’s theatre arts programs and community contributions. The association and its 35 year old youth theatre program will now share the name Thalian Association Community Theatre beginning with the 2015-2016 season of productions. The new logo was designed pro bono by Bon’s Eye Marketing, a long time supporter of Thalian Association Community Theatre. “The public has been aware of our Children’s Theatrical productions, as well as our productions at both Thalian Hall and the Red Barn Studio. However, they may not be aware that all of these are under the umbrella of the Thalian Association,” said Jerry Flake, President of the Thalian Association Community Theatre Board of Directors. “The new name and logo now better identifies to the public that we are community theatre, a dedicated group of hundreds of people volunteering thousands of hours on stage and behind the scenes to bring outstanding theatrical experiences to the Cape Fear region.”In addition to the name change the … » Continue Reading

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